The hope for children center -             Kaloleni / Tanzania


This is in Kaloleni Ward-Moshi MUNICIPALITY, Tanzania, close to the Kilimanjaro National Park.
This project is registered as NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). It is about two kilometers southeast from the Moshi bus station.
We have currently about one hundred kids between the ages of 4 and 5 enrolled in our school.

Project objectives

Project challenges


Community activities

We are grateful to the Kaloleni ward leaders for co-operating with their people to collect money, which we use to pay rent for the house which we are using as classrooms.
Due to the low income of the local population this work is not easy. Most of our kids are living with their grand parents and guardians most of whom are jobless.



The administration of the school is looking for people, who are able to support the education of these children for the benefit of future generations.


If you are able to help us, please feel free to contact us at any time.
Thank you in advance.

Children nursery school - Kaloleni.
P.O. Box 2020, Moshi Kilimajaro, Tanzania
Phone:+255 (0) 753 848 288
 +255 (0) 788 847 902
Email: stevensadick(at)


Bank: Diamond trust bank {DTB} Branch Moshi
Account name: Develop all young communities
Account number: Please send an email to stevensadick(at) We will inform you about the bank account data.
SWIFT code: Dtketztz
Thank you in advance!




- The Compelling Need In a nation like ours, women are generally treated as second-class citizens and seen as someone to look after the home and bear children. The project area is characterized with a typical rural setting with most of the men folk involved in agriculture or unemployment. The women and girls of the area are mostly involved in household chores, does not have any say in the family affairs. Excluded from receiving higher education and entirely dependent on their male counterparts, they have to bear the brunt of most of the evils like dowry, domestic violence etc. Being a patriarchal society, women and girls are not allowed to step out of their houses which lead to lower educational status, low confidence to face the world. In view of the financial constraints that a family faces, this skill-building program strives to empower the women, and community at large. It was observed, if some kind of skill is imparted to the women, it would give them more avenues to earn their living. The program will also help them to raise their voice against the ill treatment accorded to them within the family or outside. Hence, vocational training program (stitching & tailoring) will enable the rural women and girls to learn and enhance their skills, enhancing their confidence level by making themselves reliant.

Project Area


Project Aim

To empower the women and equip them with tools to become self-reliant through stitching and tailoring skill up gradation program.



Mobilization: Reach out to the potential beneficiaries through mobilization and outreach initiatives encouraging women and girls enhance their skills by enrolling for stitching and tailoring

Training preferences: Three months training course of stitching for the beneficiaries as per their interest and feasibility

Exposure Trips: Skill enhancing exposure trips for the beneficiaries to improve their selling & negotiation skills

Recognition: Post successful completion of the course, certificates disbursed to the beneficiaries

Project Target Group

Women and Girls from the KALOLENI WARD

Total beneficiaries

20-30 students (inhouse )

Project Area


Project Tenure

From JUNE 20, 2017 to JULY 31, 2018

Project Description

Women have always been marginalized and relegated to the status of subjugated class in the Indian society. Especially in rural areas, women have not actively participated in their emancipation due to their lack of economic independence and illiteracy. Women should be organized and strengthened at the grass root level to end their subordination. Develop All Young Community (DYCOM) is making an attempt in that direction to make rural women self sufficient through sewing training centers. The main aim of this program is to enhance the quality of life of women through increased knowledge and skills. DYCOM also realized that merely imparting literacy would not be sufficient .The women need vocational training or skills also to uplift their status. They should be able to stand on their feet and be an earning member of the family.


Project Output

Need based curriculum to enhance the skills of the women beneficiaries. To impart skills to the target beneficiaries. Enhanced awareness on social issues through seminars and educational exposure. Exposure visits to broaden their horizon and aware them on the latest trends in the market. Measure and monitor beneficiary performance & certify the skills. Regular follow-ups during and post completion of course to assess their social and economical impact. Project Reporting The project reporting would include Quarterly Progress Report, Quarterly and Annual Financial Reports and Annual Report (summary of the project impact)

Project Reporting

The project reporting would include Quarterly Progress Report, Quarterly and Annual Financial Reports and Annual Report (summary of the project impact)



Funding Agency:Good wishers of the Organisation
Period of the Project:20th June 2017 to 31stJuly 2018
Budget Heads TSHUSD
8 Sewing machines@230000,
1 Overlocking machine@250000
1 Stitching machine@450000
Project Coordinator / Project Mobilizer @600000600000/= 
Repair and Maintenance of Machines @150000150000/= 
Raw Material (Fabrics, thread, needles, Colored papers, scissors, buttons, decorating material etc.) @500000500000/= 
Salary to Trainers1@450000450000/= 
Conveyance, Maintenance of the infrastructure (Electricity / Rent charges etc.), cost of activities like exposure trips,etc. 500000/= 
Communication Cost (Telephone/Mobile, Internet/Data Cards etc @100000100000/= 
Convocation Event Cost @300000300000/= 
Program Support Cost @500000500000/= 
Contigencies / Unforeseen Expenditure @500000500000/= 


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